Getting Started with Alaska: A Guide to Online Resources

Fig.01 Alaska

[This post was written by myself and corrected by my workmate and friend Camelia.]


Alaska is my favourite singer. Although she was born in Mexico City she has lived in Spain since she was 10. I grew up in my native Spain under her influence which has forever defined my musical tastes. I was also fortunate enough to attend six of her concerts. I have chosen Alaska for this project because I admire her and I feel we have a few dates in common:

  • Alaska sings “Jason y tú”, Alice Cooper’s “He’s back” cover, a song about the main character of Friday the 13th. This film is special to me because it premiered on the 13th of June 1980, exactly the same day I was born.
  • Alaska was also born on the 13th of June (although some years before).
  • Alaska got married on the 27th of May 2011, exactly the same day I did. (I came to know this a few weeks later.)


Fig.02 Alaska

Olvido Gara Jova, mostly known as Alaska, is a Spanish singer who was born in Mexico City in 1963. When she was 10, she went to live to Spain and at 14 she began her musical career. She became a symbol of the Movida madrileña and now she combines her artistic work with her studies on History. Her first band was called Kaka de Luxe (1977) and she didn’t sing, just played the guitar. This punk band was composed by Alaska, Carlos Berlanga (son of the Spanish film director Luis García Berlanga) and Nacho Canut, among others, and was the seed of the Movida madrileña. One year later Kaka de Luxe separated and Alaska, Carlos, Nacho and others formed Alaska y Los Pegamoides (1978). Then, they were considered one of the most important bands in Spain. At the end of 1982, they separated again and in 1983, once again, Alaska, Carlos and Nacho (and only they three) formed Alaska y Dinarama, even more important than the last, until 1989. From 1990 up to today, Alaska sing in Fangoria, the band formed by her and Nacho.

Fig.03 Punk

Here you can find out interesting things about Alaska’s life:


Kaka de Luxe (1977-78)

Fig.04 Kaka de Luxe

Kaka de Luxe (1978)

Las canciones malditas (1983)

“Rosario”, Kaka de Luxe, Kaka de Luxe:

Alaska y Los Pegamoides (1978-1983)

Fig.05 Alaska y Los Pegamoides

Grandes éxitos (1982)

Alaska y Los Pegamoides (1983)

“Bailando”, Alaska y Los Pegamoides, Grandes éxitos:

Alaska y Dinarama (1983-1989)

Fig.06 Alaska y Dinarama

Canciones profanas (1983)

Deseo carnal (1984)

No es pecado (1986)

Diez (1988)

Fan fatal (1989)

“A quién le importa”, Alaska y Dinarama, No es pecado:

Fangoria (1990-today)

Fig.07 Fangoria

Salto mortal (1990)

Un día cualquiera en Vulcano (2003)

Interferencias (1998)

Una temporada en el infierno (1999)

Naturaleza muerta (2001)


Arquitectura efímera (2004)

El extraño viaje (2006)

Absolutamente (2009)

El paso trascendental del vodevil a la astracanada (2010)

“Electricistas”, Fangoria, Una temporada en el infierno:

As a soloist

Fig.08 Alaska como solista

La bola de cristal (1985)

“Abracadabra”, Alaska, La bola de cristal:


Alaska is the author of “Transgresoras”, a book about the most important women in History that she admires, from Cleopatra, Eleanor of Aquitaine, to Dian Fossey.
Alaska herself is the target of two biographies: “Alaska”, written by Mario Vaquerizo (her husband) and “Alaska y otras historias de la movida”, by Rafa Cervera.

Transgresoras, Olvido Gara Jova (Alaska)


Alaska, Mario Vaquerizo


Alaska y otras historias de la movida, Rafa Cervera




Fig.09 Alaska and Pedro Almodóvar (old)

Fig.10 Alaska and Pedro Almodóvar (new)

Alaska is a multifaceted artist. Besides singing, she is a radio host and appears on TV shows (the last one was “Alaska y Mario” on MTV Spain). She also acted in several movies. Her most important role was “Bom” in “Pepi, Luci, Bom y otras chicas del montón”, Pedro Almodóvar’s first film. (This scene may offend your sensibility. It is subtitled in English. The original sound is unsyncronous with the picture:)



Pepi, Luci, Bom y otras chicas del montón, Pedro Almodóvar


Other information

Fig.11 Alaska - Gioconda

Alaska borrowed her name from Lou Reed’s “Caroline Says II”. She was influenced by David Bowie (another idol of mine) and the glam. She has actively fought in favour of homosexual rights. Alaska considers herself an advocate for animals and, more explicitly, anti-bullfighting. She supports drugs legalization and has openly admitted to be anti-religion. She is interested in medieval history and is currently studing an undergraduate degree in History.

Fig.12 Alaska - Virgin

Fig.13 Bartlaska and The Simpsonoides











All these personal web pages and blogs contain very interesting information. However, they often tend to be subjective. The most unbiased information can be found on Wikipedia. Crowdsourcing avoids personal opinions.

Fig.14 Alaska anti-bullfighting

From now on, this post will also be an important reference of Alaska (in English!).


Fig.15 Alaska's looks

Hey girls, if you have liked Alaska’s style, there is a website gives you some steps in order to look like her:


Alaska’s Facebook page:

Fangoria’s web page:

Alaska and Mario (her husband)’s blog:


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