Arduino 2.0

Today, we had our second class of Interactive Exhibit Design and we were playing with Arduino again. Last wednesday, we programmed Arduino by transfering the code from the computer to the Arduino and we got fun results. But we introduced an important difference today: we transmitted data from Arduino to the computer! That means the flow of information between the computer and the Arduino is bidirectional. This opens up a world of possibilities.

In this class, we did three exercises. The first was Digital Read Serial. In this exercise, we used a button as input and the computer as output. Arduino read constantly the state of the button and printed out the corresponding value (0=OFF, 1=ON) on the computer’s screen.

Digital Read Serial

Fig.01 Digital Read Serial

The second was Analog Read Serial. The idea is similar to the digital version but, in this case, we had a knob as an input instead of a button. According to the knob, values on screen varied from 0 to 1023. The reason is that we doesn’t have two discrete values (ON and OFF), but a continuous range.

Analog Read Serial

Fig.02 Analog Read Serial

For the third exercise, we used an electronic brick connected to the Arduino board. This brick worked as an interface for Arduino. So it was easy to perform the first example of the course 0 of Seeed Studio Works, Electronic Bricks Cookbook, volume 1. The result is that the LED lighted whenever we pressed the button.

Button (Electronic Brick version)

Fig.03 Button (Electronic Brick version)

Unfortunately, we failed with the liquid cristal screen when we tried a more complex exercise and we didn’t have enough time to fix it. We’ll see next week.

Mohammed and me decided to form a group and work together in this course. Although we still need to learn a lot, we believe we are ready to think some interesting project. We’ll do this in these days and we’d like to be on it next class.


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