Our project: final idea

When we presented our idea to Bill, we weren’t aware of its hardness (actually, easyness). We still think our original idea was a good idea, but, to be honest, it doesn’t display fireworks. Tactful Bill kindly suggested the chance of moving “something”, a monkey or something like that. Movement is always more spectacular and we gladly accepted.

Another change was to keep the provisional computer on the project. Mobile plans can be expensive, so Bill had the idea of moving the “thing” through the Internet, specifically Twitter. Options opened due to we could use any device connected to the Internet: a computer, a mobile, a tablet and so on.


Fig.01 Duck

The last question was: “what can we move?” I live near the Thames river. One day, on my way home I came across a little duck. I caught it and we’re upgrading it now.

Then the final idea would be to send commands to the duck from Twitter. Commands such as “flutter”, “move your head”, “speak”… As we had a lot of work done with regard to the LCD, we thought it would be useful to display some extra information. The flow of data is slightly different now:


Fig.02 Architecture

Further technical details will be explained in the next posts.


About mavillard

Graduate student of PhD. in Hispanic Studies at The University of Western Ontario.
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