Arduino and other things

I’ve learnt a lot about Arduino since my last post. Last week, Mohammed and me used Inkscape. It was fun to create draws and shapes. We didn’t take any pic, but what we did it’s not far from this:


Fig.01 Inkscape

We played with lines, colors and transparencies. I know the difficulty of programming these kind of softwares. When I studied Computer Science in Spain, I took a course called Graphical Representation Techniques by Computer. Our project consisted in programming a 2D CAD tool. We had to simulate a screen with thick pixels (they where a small squares of real pixels) and the menu. Although it was 9 years ago, I remember perfectly the case of the digitilization of the straight line: start point, end point, formula of straight line and… light on appropiate pixels. I wish I had my programme with me. It was something like that (indeed it was much better!) (by the way, I created this image with Inkscape):

Digitalization of straight line

Fig.02 Digitalization of straight line

We are aware of the importance of knowing these tools. It could be really useful in a presentation (we call it exhibition!).

Tomorrow is a promising class because we’re going to see 3D representations. I’m lucky to count with the likely student that best know about 3D models on campus. We’ll see.

Two weeks ago, we learnt a little about Processing. This programming language is very similar to Wiring (that that runs on Arduino) but this is executed on the computer. We mandatory need a language like this for our project. Instead of Processing, we chose python because is more familiar to me and fits our purpose. But our project deserves another post.


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