The magic bag

Every morning I have to prepare my bag for a long day: classes, job, gym… That means I need a big bag to hold all kind of things. I love my sports bag, I bought it after arriving in London.

Fig.01 Sports bag

But my cool bag became more and more heavy as I keep my stuff: my laptop,

Fig.02 Laptop

my English-Spanish dictionary,

Fig.03 Dictionary

my sport clothes,

Fig.04 Sport clothes

my meal,

Fig.05 Meal

my class books…

Fig.06 Class books

Yeah, it’s hard to carry so many things at once! I wish my bag were like Mary Poppins’. I couldn’t explain how it would work, but everybody would want to have one.

In a further step, it would be more usefull Doraemon’s pocket. Doraemon is able to take any magic artifact out of his magic pocket.

From the point of view of a historian, you could use it as a kind of vortex or time machine to get ancient times objects and solve old misteries now, like the Antikythera mechanism or the Baghdad battery.

Fig.07 Antikythera mechanism

Fig.08 Baghdad battery





About mavillard

Graduate student of PhD. in Hispanic Studies at The University of Western Ontario.
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